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100% Organic Creamy Soft Cotton
Flared and Sexy
Machine Washable
And Your Shoulders Stay Warm!

Admit it. We all hate lingerie... The skin ripping lace. The waaaay too exposed crotch area. The thong...let's not even go there. Our shoulders freezing all night in those spaghetti straps. The underwire that hurts, or no underwire - which is worse...ahem. Our kids walking in on us wearing the lingerie. :-0 And pink fluffy flying feathers that really has nothing to do with our style. 
And yet...we put up with it all because they are sexy. And being sexy is well, what it's about, right? So we, at Gentle Kind Tender, have create the perfect nightgown! It's soft. It covers you in all the right places. You can actually sleep in it. And most importantly, it is SEXY. It won't rip your skin. It won't grab your butt. It won't expose you unnecessarily. And it's soft, warm and cozy. 
Be gentle, kind and tender with yourself and try this nightgown. You will "fall in love" with sex again.


SKU: 21554345656
Color: White
  • Wash gently, with like color, on cold. Dry on low heat.

  • If for any reason you are not happy with this nightgown, text, Mary at 801-949-2220 for a return autorization number (RAN) and use the enclosed shipping label upon approval.  

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